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How can your organisation help us?

Below are some ways your company can work together with Taldumande to deliver great outcomes for our young people. Contact our team at fundraising@taldumande.org.au to find out more.

Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving is a simple yet powerful way for employees to assist Taldumande to deliver essential services to homeless youth via regular payroll deductions. Workplace Giving provides both Taldumande and your company with a low cost and low maintenance way to support the community. Companies may choose to match the donations made by employees.


By making a one-off or monthly donation, you’ll help fund essential services for children, young people and families through our accommodation and community programs. We’re also grateful for donations from corporate and community organisations.

Donate Now


Partnering with Taldumande allows your business to support or sponsor a specific program or service. Your business will be promoted alongside the nominated program or service to meet your marketing objectives, social responsibility and our shared vision to end the cycle of homelessness.


Sponsorship can range from high profile events and functions through to advertising campaigns and fundraising materials. Sponsorship with Taldumande will increase brand awareness through the community, bringing a positive image to your company.

Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering is great for team building, staff morale and company profile. Through our Volunteer Program we can tailor a day to suit your needs. These days can range from painting the youth refuge, gardening and home maintenance to mentoring workshops plus much more.

Gifts In-kind

In-kind support for Taldumande enables your company to contribute to our objectives in a way that is entirely relevant to your core business. This provides Taldumande with invaluable technology, equipment and fundraising prizes that are necessary to run our services.

Help us continue our vital work with children, young people and their families!

Many of our programs fall outside government funding, which means we rely on money raised from individuals and organisations to continue our vital work.