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Taldumande Youth Services

Events and Fundraisers

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Each year we hold several events, designed to raise funds, connect with our supporters and update everyone on our progress. These events are so critical to our success and your participation and contribution will be helping us raise funds to continue our vital work.

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Partner Events

Why not organise a fundraising event at your workplace, school, with friends or through a club or corporate event? Whether you’re planning a workplace event, community BBQ or hosting a dinner, we can help you make the most of your event and make sure you have everything you need to raise funds on behalf of Taldumande.

Online fundraising are a great way to support Taldumande, connect with the community and also have fun. Take part in the events yourself, create your own team or join the Taldumande team and walk, run or swim your way to supporting Taldumande.

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