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Taldumande Youth Services

Freedom and Equity Programs

These programs support, prevent and educate young people experiencing, or who are vulnerable to become victims of forced marriage.

Honour My Choice – Prevention program for victims of forced marriage

This is a community-based program that is designed to combat modern slavery in Australia. 

This program provides education to schools and the community around the issues of forced marriage. 

The program includes education, workshops, case management and a pathway to a new life.

A New Pathway – An accommodation program offering crisis response and community integration

This accommodation program offers crisis response and community integration, tailored to young people aged 16 to 21 who are victims/survivors of forced marriage. 

The service ensures flexibility where case managers are not time-restricted and can offer intensive support on a daily basis using concrete and practical support tools. This approach to support facilitates collaboration on goal selection and attainment, developing a strong working relationship with the young person and all relevant services. 

There is a particular focus upon independent living skills and ensuring young people remain connected to culture.