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COVID-19 has turned the world upside down and homeless children and young people have been severely affected. At Taldumande Youth Services we have worked tirelessly to rapidly change and evolve so that our young clients, and families in crisis, continue to receive the highest level of care possible. From establishing specific frontline teams to support each of our 27/7 staffed refuges, to grocery drop offs, to supplying new lap-tops and games, to over-the-phone and virtual case meetings, our team is proactively responding to the pandemic so no one feels alone and isolated. 

As an organisation we have felt the impacts of COVID-19 both from an operational point of view and from the dramatic increase in referrals seeking help. Because of the pandemic, conflict at home is at an all-time high and due to charity event cancellations in 2020, Taldumande is at financial capacity to help owing to donation loss. This has meant that a staggering 370+ young people and over 100 families were turned away at point of need since the onset of the pandemic. This figure is double the turnaways from financial year 18/19 and it will continue to rise without financial assistance from donors.

So please, if you are in a position to help, click the donate button below.

Help us continue our vital work with children, young people and their families!

Many of our programs fall outside government funding, which means we rely on money raised from individuals and organisations to continue our vital work.


01 March 2020
Category: News