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Meet Chris

Chris was a vulnerable 18-year-old when he was referred to Taldumande Youth Services. Chris grew up with a volatile relationship with his parents. When Chris was a teenage his parents split up and he went live with his mother. Their relationship broke down and Chris started couch surfing at mates’ houses.

Chris was expelled from his high school while in HSC and entered the work force to keep himself busy but after a workplace injury, he was unable to continue. For years, Chris had struggled with his mental health. He often had thoughts of ending his life and a few attempts left him even more vulnerable. Chris spent time in mental health units to help him cope with thoughts of suicide and the struggles he was facing with depression and anxiety. Chris turned to drugs and alcohol to mask what he was feeling and going through. Chris got caught up in the law and was charged with several offenses. He was on a downward spiral.

When Chris first came into the Taldumunde Youth Services Crisis Refuge he showed great potential and he was taught all about how to live independently and make it as a young adult.

After a successful stay at the refuge, Chris moved into transitional accommodation, but his mental health continued to plague him, and he tried to end his life. He was hospitalised with serious injuries and was an inpatient for couple of weeks and had to spend some time in rehab for intense therapy on his speech, balance and walking. Chris was discharged after a month’s stay and realised that he wanted more intensive support around his mental health. Chris had realised that using drugs and alcohol exaggerated his mental illness and led to impulsive behaviours, which contributed to suicide thoughts and attempts. Chris made the decision to have an inpatient stay at a mental health facility to work through the trauma he had experienced.

After this inpatient stay Chris was referred to drug and alcohol support services where he began working on his problematic drug and alcohol use. However, he still faced lots of challenges with his mental health and alcohol use which spiraled to the point where he required intensive support. Chris entered a residential rehab in late 2018.

Chris worked through a lot of trauma while in rehab and decided that now was the time to turn his life around.

Chris came back into Taldumande Youth Services transitional accommodation after 5 months in rehab. Chris had never looked so good. He was healthy, positive and aspired to keep himself well.

Taldumande continued to support Chris throughout his journey and on his return, he received intensive case management to ensure his safety and wellbeing.

Chris is now successfully residing in a private rental, holding down a full-time job and keeping a level head by maintaining his mental well-being and managing his drug and alcohol use. Chris walked an extremely difficult path from his early teens through to his young adult years, however, he has showed persistence and determination to get him to where he is now. Chris is an exemplary young person and Taldumande are so proud of the hard work he put in along the years he was with us.

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17 December 2020
Category: Stories