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Taldumande Youth Services

Lockdown Crisis Appeal

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Lockdown has severely affected many of our young people financially. They need your help.

We are asking, with urgency, to help our young people who have lost their ability to work due to lockdown restrictions.

If you could spare $20 for a meal, $50 for bills or $100 for groceries you would greatly help what has fast become a desperate situation.

If you choose to help us with a donation of $2 or more, you can claim the full amount of money on your tax return.

We are working tirelessly to rapidly change and evolve in the current climate so that our young clients, and families in crisis, continue to receive the highest level of care possible.
Please help by donating today.

$20 - Provide a meal
$50 - Pay a bill
$100 - Provide groceries

Thanks to our supporters