Meet the Team at Taldumande

Find out a little more about the team at Taldumande here. You can discover a few insights into their experience and training plus a little more about what they do and love about Taldumande.


Morgana Butler – Coordinator Homelessness/Young Offender Program 

Morgana has worked at Taldumande since 2015 having realised while completing her Bachelor of Psychological Science that she had a passion to help homeless young people by dealing with complex situations on the ground, rather than in a counselling setting as a psychologist.

The YOIP sees young people come into Taldumande Youth Services as 28-day crisis placements in assistance with Youth Justice. Case plans are tailored to the individual providing an intensive care program. Morgana says, “seeing fundamental changes in young people who stay with Taldumande for significant periods of time is the most rewarding aspect of her role.”

Working in the pointy end of youth homelessness she says, “it is a really good feeling when a former client touches base months and years later to tell her how well they are doing in life”.

Morgana previously worked for Shine for Kids in the young offenders incarcerated area, helping young people prepare for release from incarceration, supporting their return into the community.


Nikki Thomson – Coordinator Family Restoration & Preservation Program/Bail Program

Based at our Crisis refuge on Sydney’s lower north shore, Nikki who has worked in the youth sector for 10 years has been with Taldumande since 2014.

Nikki started working in out of home care for young people which led to her becoming passionate about early intervention to avoid family breakdown and homelessness.

The Family Preservation and Restoration Program is unique to Taldumande in New South Wales. It has an extremely high success rate and here is no other program available in the State that caters to individual clients.

Nikki says “FRPP changes the trajectory of families by reducing stresses in the entire family unit, between parents, the young person and their parents and their siblings”.

“If you feel you are in a helpless situation, you don’t have to do it alone. We are in your corner and the FRPP will work to find common ground in a long family history that hasn’t worked. Changing the dialogue and having different conversation, does make a difference”, she says.

Nikki says, “helping to restore relationships and families through a program tailored on a case by case basis is a magical feeling. It is humbling to know you played a part in restoring and fostering strong and healthy relationships.”


Cassandra Ollerhead – Case Manager Northern Sydney East SHS

Cassandra has worked at Taldumande since 2017 where she began as a youth worker while completing her Bachelor of Social Work (Honours). Working at Taldumande and seeing and hearing the stories of vulnerable young people sparked Cassandra’s eagerness to help and support at risk and homeless young people.

After completing her degree and gaining experience at Royal North Shore Hospital, Cassandra became a Case Manager in the Northern Sydney East SHS in 2018 and has suppors clients at our crisis refuge, semi-independent and transitional accommodation. Cassandra is one of the team that helps the most vulnerable young people in crisis that require wrap around and holistic support to help them get back up on their feet.

The steppingstones of accommodation provided at Taldumande Youth Services and intensive case management support, helps our young people grow and flourish into independent young adults.

“It’s exciting seeing young people, who you have supported from the beginning, move out into the private rental market and start the biggest chapter of their lives. When we work with clients for a long time and see all their progress, it makes us so happy and proud… every achievement is a win for us too”.


Adam Crease – Senior Case Manager Intake Assessment and Referrals

Adam has been with Taldumande for almost 6 years and has worked in the sector for 17 years after starting out with the Wayside Chapel in Sydney, supporting at risk and homeless young people.

Taldumande provides safe, secure housing to young people that are homeless as well as wrap around support services, many of which are unique to New South Wales.The stages of Taldumande accommodation allow a young person to transition through refuge housing, semi-independent and independent living and the outcome improves when a young person stays long enough to be supported through all stages.

Adam sees it as a considerable privilege to meet clients face to face, to hear their stories and ensure they are placed in accommodation and engage in services which best meet their individual needs.

Getting the right placement/support for the individual from the beginning of their journey with Taldumande Youth Services is key to providing the foundations of success with a young person. The best outcomes are when a client transitions into semi-independent/transitional housing with Taldumande or into other long-term community housing options with intensive case management support.

“Another great outcome is when a young person receives case work support to improve their situation/relationships at home. This means they do not enter the homelessness system, can remain at home where it is safe and stable to do so”, Adam says.


Claude Robinson – Senior Manager Homelessness Services

As a member of the Senior Management Team at Taldumande, Claude overseas the Homelessness Services including Department of Community Justice Program for homeless or at-risk youth aged 16 to 21. Claude also oversees the Forced Marriages Program.

The Program participants are housed in Taldumande crisis refuges, semi-independent and independent accommodation run by Taldumande Youth Services (TYS). On any given day 50 young people are in the care of TYS in accommodation or as outreach clients.

Claude has worked in homeless and at-risk services for 12 years, he has worked for the City of Sydney, Youth Drug and Alcohol Services, Community Mental Health and in the adult homelessness sector.


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