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The Young Offenders Joint Support Program

How it works

The Young Offenders Joint Support Program supports homeless young people aged 12 to 21 years who are under the supervision of Juvenile Justice, and is delivered in partnership with Marist Youth Care. It provides crisis accommodation for a maximum period of one month alongside specialist intensive Case Management support. This program aims to enable young offenders to make positive life choices and to better manage conflict and change. Throughout the placement, a Senior Case Manager will meet with the young person on a daily basis in order to supervise and monitor behaviour and progress. This information is shared with their Juvenile Justice Officer with the aim of creating a tailored case plan to prevent these young offenders from reoffending. This program will also assist to source long-term secure and stable accommodation for the young person prior to the cease of placement. This program was designed to better prepare young offenders for their reintegration to the community.

New South Wales holds the greatest number of Juvenile Detention Centres across Australia. Young people experiencing life in detention are some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the community. Unstable family environments, negative peer associations and drug & alcohol abuse contribute to offending behaviour, and can often lead these individuals to suffer from homelessness and neglect.

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