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Semi-Independent Accommodation Program

How it works

Whether you’ve just left our crisis refuge or ready for a bit of independence, our shared houses give you a safe place to stay while you’re at school, studying or working. It’s a great way to practice living on your own, with the support of caring and professional staff who are there in the evenings and overnight to keep you safe. When you arrive, our Case Managers will help you get settled in and introduce you to everyone in the house. We try to place like-minded people together in our shared houses, so you get along with your housemates. There are some house rules and routines, but we’ll help you remember them as you go. There are no drugs or alcohol allowed in our shared houses. Our shared houses are there to help you develop the skills you need to make it on your own, like food shopping, cooking, budgeting and cleaning. You’ll be allocated a Case Manager who will meet with you on a regular basis and help you work towards your goals. You can talk to them about anything and ask them for help with homework, applying for a job or anything else that’s going on.

To learn more about our programs and find out if they’re right for you, call us on 02 9460 3777.