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Crisis Accommodation Program

How it works

When you arrive at the refuge, we’ll provide you with a friendly Case Manager who you can talk to about anything. They’ll help you deal with what’s going on and improve your skills in things like food shopping, cooking, budgeting, cleaning and homework. They can also help you find work or get back on track at school. There is always someone at the refuge to keep you safe.

You can make your bedroom feel like home, by bringing clothes, pictures, books and other personal items. Our team will be there the whole time, to help you get settled in and introduce you to everyone in the house. There are some house rules and routines, but we’ll help you remember them as you go. There are no drugs or alcohol allowed at the refuge.

The young people in our refuge participate in lots of fun social activities, such as movie nights, bushwalks, canoeing, rock-climbing, bowling and more.

To learn more about our programs and find out if they’re right for you, call us on 02 9460 3777.