If you are homeless or having problems with drugs and alcohol, mental health, school or family and need support, we’ll be here for you.

No matter what’s going on in your life, you’re not alone. We’re here to give you a safe place to stay and provide all the support you need to get back on your feet. No matter how big or small the problem is, if you want support we can help.

Step 1

Give us a call

Calling someone you don’t know can be hard, but it’s the first step to getting through tough times. When you call us on 02 9460 3777, you’ll speak to one of our caring and professional Case Managers, who will listen to you and find out what’s going on. We understand what you’re going through and will do everything we can to help, no matter how bad things seem.

Step 2

Meet with us

After you’ve called us, the next step is to visit our office for a face-to-face meeting. Our office is a relaxed, friendly and caring place where you’ll meet with a Case Manager to talk about what kind of help you need. If you can’t visit our office, we’ll meet you somewhere else that’s convenient for you.

Step 3

Entering Taldumande

Once we’ve met and together decided that this is the right place for you, you’ll be allocated a Case Manager to support you on your journey. Your Case Manager is always there to help and will be your main point of contact for the entire time you’re at Taldumande.

We’ve had lots of experience working with young people who are going through tough times, so if you’re homeless, sleeping rough, couch surfing or think you might be soon, give us a call.

CALL US ON 02 9460 3777