We’re here to answer any questions you may have about our programs and services. If you need more information, just call us on 02 9460 3777.

Can you help me find somewhere to live?

Yes, we can. Call us on 02 9460 3777 or email and we’ll help you find accommodation until you can get back on your feet. If it’s after hours and you urgently need somewhere to stay, call Link2Home on 1800 152 152.

How long can I stay?

When you call, we’ll find out how much support you need and arrange an initial meeting with a friendly Case Manager. They’ll tell you all about how Taldumande works, see which accommodation is best for you and let you know how long you can stay.

What type of housing do you have? Can I have my own place?

Our Crisis Accommodation and Semi-Independent Housing Programs are shared by a number of people. You’ll have your own room that can be locked, with separate male and female bathrooms. They’re lovely houses with modern facilities and ongoing support from our caring Case Manager. The houses in these programs are also staffed by Youth Workers overnight.

Our Supported-Independent Housing Program is for people who are working towards making it on their own. You may have your own unit, or share a house with someone else. Your Case Manager will discuss which option is best for you in your initial meeting.

Can I stay close to school and my friends?

We’ll do our best to find you a place to stay that’s close to your friends, family, school, TAFE, university or workplace. We know how important they are when you’re going through tough times.

How do I get my belongings to the house?

Your Case Manager will help you move into your new place and get settled in. They can help you pick up your things, or arrange a removalist to move furniture and other big household items. We’ll take care of any moving costs, so you don’t need to worry about it.

What if I don't like the people I’m living with?

We always do our best to place you in accommodation with like-minded people, with similar cultures and beliefs. If you’re worried or have any problems, you can talk to your Case Manager who will help you find a solution.

Will I still get support once I move in?

Yes! We’ll always be there to support you, no matter where you’re staying or how long you’ve been in our programs. Even after you’ve moved out, we’ll stay in touch to help you during tough times or celebrate your success when things are going well.

Do you have internet?

There is free WiFi in our Crisis Accommodation and Semi-Independent Housing Programs. If you’re at school, TAFE or university and live in a property without internet, we’ll try to help you with internet access so your studies aren’t affected.

How much does accommodation cost and what does it include?

Our Crisis Accommodation Program costs $55 per week and includes everything, including food, rent, bills (like electricity and water), toiletries, sheets, blankets, towels, clothing and books. Our Semi-Independent Housing and Supported-Independent Housing programs charge 25 per cent of your salary if you’re working and includes rent and bills. If you need food, clothing, appliances, furniture or anything else, we’ll make sure you’re covered.

We’ll set up automatic payments from your account, or help you access Youth Allowance from Centrelink. If you’re staying in our Crisis Accommodation, we’ll cover your rent until you have access to Centrelink payments.

Can I still get help if I’m not a student and don’t have any money?

Of course, we will support you no matter what situation you’re in. Your Case Manager will talk to you about your options when you first meet and develop a plan to get you back on your feet. You’ll be placed in our Crisis Accommodation until you have access to Centrelink payments. In the meantime, we’ll pay for your accommodation and any other costs like food, clothing and transport.

Do you work with families too?

Yes, we offer a Family Preservation and Restoration Program that helps families of young people aged 12-15 years old. It’s designed for families who are going through a crisis or facing challenging times. The program offers practical and emotional support to help them rebuild relationships and try to avoid family breakdown. Emergency and respite accommodation may also be available.

What does a Case Manager do?

When you arrive at Taldumande, you’ll be provided with a caring and professional Case Manager who will support you at every stage of your journey. They’ll help you identify your needs and goals, then develop a plan to work through it and help you cope with what’s going on in your life.

Our Case Managers, Youth Workers, and other team members are there for you whenever you need them, including 24/7 support at our Crisis Accommodation and overnight support at our Semi-Independent Housing and Supported-Independent Housing programs.

What age groups do you work with?

We support young people aged 12-21 years old and their families. Each program caters to different age groups, but we’ll help you work out which one is right for you when you call.

Can you help with drug and alcohol problems?

Yes, we work very closely with the local rehabilitation and detox facilities. When you call us, we’ll put you in touch with a caring Case Manager who will find the best program for your needs.