Covid-19 has turned our world upside down, and young vulnerable and homeless people have felt the impact more than most. At Taldumande Youth Services, like so many organisations around the world, we have done our best to change and evolve, and change again, to maintain a level our care that the young people living with us need in these times.

We are adhering to all Federal and State Government guidelines and Department of Health recommendations to ensure our staff and those young people in our care are safe. This will continue for as long as it takes to ensure the safety of these people, and we will continue to change and evolve. Rest assured, through the use of technology, working remotely and digital communication where necessary, our team is running at full capacity.

The need for our services has increased but this does not mean we have reduced or removed any part of these services and we remain open for young people who need us. All our usual forms of contact are available and can be found here on our website.

We have felt the impact of Covid-19 as an organisation both from an operational point of view and from an uplift in intake requests. We have covered the cost of this impact but that in turn takes valuable resources and funds away from what we do each and everyday for hundreds of families and young people. So please, if you are in a position to help, click the donate page above.


Many of our programs fall outside government funding, which means we rely on money raised from individuals and organisations to continue our vital work.

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