about taldumande

Taldumande supports vulnerable and homeless children and young people aged 12-21 years, and their families. Based in Northern Sydney and the Northern Beaches, we support young people from all across Sydney.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

We’re driven by a single purpose and guided by a set of beliefs that help us stay focused and inspired to achieve our goals.

Our Mission

  • To provide services that will reconnect and strengthen family relationships and prevent youth homelessness.
  • To respond professionally and with compassion to the changing needs of young people and their families, who are at risk or going through a crisis.
  • To provide quality short-term and medium-term accommodation, with intensive support services for young people in need.
  • To provide young people with life skills that prepare them for independent living and a brighter future.
  • To continuously improve our skills and knowledge, by providing our team with ongoing professional development and training.
  • To embrace all facets of non-discrimination, tolerance, compassion, advocacy and justice.

Our Vision

We are committed to supporting young people and their families through challenging times to achieve their dream circumstances and lead fulfilled lives.

Our Values

  • Young people and their families are the essence of Taldumande.
  • All young people and their families can be society’s greatest resource.
  • Our relationships with young people and their families must be based on mutual trust and respect.
  • Life skills, education and employment are the foundation of a self-sufficient and independent life.
  • Respecting the needs and development of everyone in the Taldumande community is essential.
  • Continually striving for best practice in all our services will lead to the greatest possible outcomes for young people and their families.


Many of our programs fall outside government funding, which means we rely on money raised from individuals and organisations to continue our vital work.

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